Smells Like Midlife Crisis began when five friends in their thirties looked around one day, and realized as their midlife crises loomed... that in spite of successful careers, families, and children, that they never started a band. So what began largely as an excuse to drink beer and hang out together while playing some of their favorite songs from their youth, became something more.

Playing these songs together simply wasn't enough. They felt the need to share the music and the nostalgia of the decade both with those who lived it, taking them back to a simpler time before cell phones, email and technology ruled our lives, but also with those that never got to experience it firsthand and are now discovering the decade through popular television shows, movies and the internet.

Our musical influences are as varied as the decade, with grunge, alternative rock, metal, punk, pop, ska, hiphop, R&B, rap and country among the albums that sit on our shelves.

The songs we play are representative of many of these genres, with songs consciously selected to remain family-friendly, but still be representative and recognizable hits of the era. We have a good time at our shows, providing humor, energy, personality, and a great crowd experience.

While the lineup has changed since our beginning in 2017, the core goals remain the same... to share our love of the 90's with the world, and have as much fun as possible in the process.


Smells Like Midlife Crisis




Matthew Miller



Matthew Miller grew up in North Carolina singing along to everything from Garth Brooks to Meredith Brooks, from Mariah Carey to Jim Carrey, and from Michael Jackson to Jackson Browne. The thought that one day he would be able to ride his bike at full speed and listen to music without his discman skipping was all he could hope for...

From local karaoke competitions, to on the job, in the shower, in the basement, on a ladder... these days, it's hard to find a time when Matt ISN'T singing.

He has the heart of an entertainer, and his range and musicality makes him much more a frontman than a singer.

Matt uses:

  • Shure Microphones

  • TC Helicon Vocal Effect Pedals

One of his favorite 90's memories was riding his bike to the store with his neighborhood friends to get a 'drank'.

His favorite 90's song is "Return of the Mack" by Mark Morrison.



Kyle McNemee
Guitar / Vocals



Kyle was raised in an environment where music was always around. Whether it was playing in his dad's garage while they worked on cars, music class at school, or a church service, it was always something in the fabric of his life.

Around 11 or 12, he started noticing the music more intently and loved the feelings of certain songs.

Kyle uses:

  • Mitchell, Fender, and Epiphone Guitars

  • Boss and Behringer Pedals

  • Behringer Microphones

His favorite memory from the 90's is riding around the neighborhood with friends.

His favorite 90's song is "Black" by Pearl Jam.



Jon Boss
Guitar / Keyboard / Vocals



Jon grew up in a household with a father that played his enormous vinyl collection regularly. so music has always been a big part of his life. His dad's tastes varied across the musical spectrum, but mostly blues and rock (especially 60's pyschedelic rock). As a result, Jon's musical influences are quite broad.

His musical background is in classical voice, and Jon has sung in state and national choirs. During high school, he dabbled with piano and guitar, but didn't stick with it at the time, focusing more on his vocal training.

In the Spring of 2022, Jon joined up with Smells Like Midlife Crisis and has been having a blast making music ever since.

Jon plays:

  • Fender Guitars

  • Boss Amplifiers and Pedals (Duh...)

  • JHS Pedals

His favorite memory of the 90's was playing Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64.

It's difficult to pin down a favorite 90's song, but "Down in a Hole" by Alice in Chains has been on his playlists a lot lately.




Andy Komp
Bass Guitar



Andy grew up in a family that appreciated music. It was always on in the background of life. Everything that they did had its soundtrack.

He got his first guitar, an acoustic, at age 13, and then gravitated to bass, playing bass guitar in predominantly punk and alternative rock bands around the Pacific Northwest beginning at 17.

Andy plays:

  • Fender Basses

  • Ampeg Amps

  • Boss Pedals

His favorite 90's memory is watching music actually be a part of MTV...

His favorite 90's songs change frequently, but lately, the album "Ten" by Pearl Jam is on repeat. He has been listening and jamming out to a lot of "Black", "Alive", and "Oceans" the past few months.



Benjamin Light
Drums / Vocals















Ben has enjoyed music for many years. He played saxophone in the school band until high school, when he begged his parents for an electric guitar. He fiddled around on that guitar for most of his teenage years and began playing drums casually in 2005.

He has sung bass and tenor in choirs for a number of years, and really enjoys the social and group aspect of making music with others.

He sold the drumkit and most of his musical equipment when he had children, not picking things back up again until 2017 when Smells Like Midlife Crisis began. When SLMC started, Ben played rhythm guitar, swapping over to drums in February 2022 when their original drummer moved out of state.

Ben plays:

  • Tama Drums

  • Zildjian Cymbals

  • Vic Firth Sticks

His favorite 90's memories involve riding or skateboarding around town with his friends, and spending time together, listening to music and playing video games.

There are so many awesome songs from the 90's, but one that never fails to get him hyped is "Plowed" by Sponge.